Dr. Florian Schmidt-Volkmar

born in Stuttgart, Germany, 1980. Studies at the Universities of Bayreuth, Lausanne and Freiburg. Research assistant at the chair for German and International Litigation Law at the University of Freiburg (Professor Dr. Piekenbrock) 2007 to 2008. Doctorate awarded 2010. Admitted 2011.

Lecturer at the University of Hohenheim.

Member of the Competition Law.

Languages: English, French



Wenn das Kartellamt vor der Tür stehtDr. Florian Schmidt-VolkmarSeminar am 13.02.2020 in Stuttgart.

Legal Tech meets OppenländerDr. Florian Schmidt-VolkmarLegal Tech Workshop am 16.01.2020 mit der Universität Freiburg

4. Compliance Conference Stuttgart 2019Dr. Florian Schmidt-VolkmarDer Informationskongress für Unternehmen aus dem Mittelstand. Schwerpunkt: Best Practice für den Mittelstand

2. Compliance Conference Stuttgart 2017Dr. Florian Schmidt-VolkmarInformationskongress für den Mittelstand am 30.03.2017 im Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart

Richtline KartellschadensersatzDr. Florian Schmidt-VolkmarVortrag am 15.05.2014 bei der Regionalveranstaltung der Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht in Stuttgart

Wenn das Kartellamt vor der Tür stehtDr. Florian Schmidt-VolkmarSeminar am 21.01.2014 bei OPPENLÄNDER Rechtsanwälte in München

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JUVE Handbook 2021/2022 lists Dr. Florian Schmidt-Volkmar as one of the frequently recommended lawyers for antitrust law and quotes one client with the statement: "positively noticed" and a competitor: "reliable, experienced in merger control".

JUVE-Handbuch 2020/2021 ranks Dr. Florian Schmidt-Volkmar as one of the most frequently recommended lawyers in antitrust law and quotes a client: „high professional level, pleasant to work with“ and a competitor: „reliable and experienced.