Dr. Corina Jürschik, LL.M.

born in Heilbronn, Germany, 1985. Studies at the University of Tübingen. Doctorate awarded 2011. Admitted 2013. Master of Laws (LL. M.) with a focus on public procurement law in 2014.

Certified specialist in public procurement law.

Lecturer for European Law.

Member of the forum vergabe e.V.

Languages: English



Vergaberecht und KartellrechtDr. Corina Jürschik, LL.M.Vortrag am 22.09.2022 im Rahmen der „Drug Regulatory Affairs“ des ZWW der Universität Augsburg

Sozialstandards bei On-Demand-Verkehren – wie geht das?Dr. Corina Jürschik, LL.M.Vortrag am 14.06.2022 beim Deutschen Nahverkehrstag

What’s new? VOL/A vs. UVgO Dr. Corina Jürschik, LL.M.Webinar am 17.05.2022 des Staatsanzeigers für Baden-Württemberg

CVD-Anwendung – Herausforderungen für die PraxisDr. Corina Jürschik, LL.M.Vortrag am 17.03.2022 im Rahmen des ÖPNV-Vergabetags 2022 des Forum Instituts

What’s New? VOL/A vs. UVgODr. Corina Jürschik, LL.M.Webinar am 09.03.2022 des Staatsanzeigers für Baden-Württemberg

Kommunale Wohnungsbaugesellschaften als öffentliche Auftraggeber?Dr. Corina Jürschik, LL.M.Vortrag am 28.01.2022 im Rahmen des „Vergabetags für Baden-Württemberg“

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JUVE Handbook 2021/2022 lists Dr. Corina Jürschik among the frequently recommended lawyers in the transport sector and quotes a client: "brilliant expertise & very good advisor in the most positive sense".

Dr. Corina Jürschik is recommended by The Legal 500 Germany 2021 as the practice's core attorney in commercial administrative law and public procurement law, citing a client, "Likewise, we experience Dr. Jürschik as absolutely on time and precisely focused on the desired work objective, as well as outstandingly competent even in the greatest detail."

JUVE-Handbuch 2020/2021 ranks Dr. Corina Jürschik as one of the most frequently recommended lawyers in transport sector and quotes a competitor: „appreciate her very much“.

The Legal 500 Germany 2020 counts Dr. Corina Jürschik on the core lawyers in public procurement law and quotes: “Christofer Lenz and Corina Jürschik do not only present the legal requirements and hurdles in a very understandable form, but also present sustainable and economically working solutions. Their knowledge of public passenger transport services and administrative law as well as public procurement law is objectively assessed and also impressive from the point of view of colleagues. ”

JUVE-Handbuch 2019/2020 ranks Dr. Corina Jürschik as one of the often recommended lawyers in transport sector and quotes a client: "outstanding legal expertise, practical and solution-oriented consulting" and a competitor says:"gaining presence".

JUVE-Handbuch 2017/2018 ranks Dr. Corina Jürschik as one of the often recommended lawyers in transport sector and quotes a client: "very committed".