Internal Investigations

If there is a suspicion of a compliance violation, dealing with the possible abuse is of central importance. In that critical phase, wrong decisions can have serious consequences for the company and its corporate board members.

We assist our clients to correctly deal in future with compliance violations from the past. We support the investigation of the facts, which is often difficult. Professional questioning of employees as well as the review of comprehensive data inventory are part of our resources. After the facts have been clarified, we develop targeted strategies to reduce fines and damage. Naturally, we support our clients with our experience vis-à-vis surveillance and cartel authorities and criminal investigators.

Because of ever increasing fines and the great risk of wide-ranging compensation claims in the event of legal infringements, preventative internal investigations (audits) are increasingly important.  Possible infringements can thereby be identified before official investigations arise. We support clients regularly in such audits which have become an important part of internal and external clarification of compliance violation, their curing and future avoidance.