Drugs Advertising Law

Drugs, pharmaceuticals or medical products, including cosmetics are subject to particularly restrictive advertising requirements based on European law, prescribed in the Drugs Advertising Act (HWG). The intersections with the Act against Unfair Competition are fluid.

In advance we clarify with you possible strategies by which the application of the Drugs Advertising Act may be avoided. One example would be the use of general company advertising. We subject planned advertising, games of chance and additional gift campaigns to a fundamental individual review and ensure that the design is legally secure. If advertising of competitors breaches the Drugs Advertising Act, we pursue your claims including by court proceedings.

Drug advertising law issues in the context of advertising aimed at the profession or the general public, reminder advertising, misleading, white coat advertising, success guarantees, study design and study advertising are all covered in our professional work. We have also conducted many disputes with advertising associations and authorities active in the area of drugs both out-of-court and in court proceedings.


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