Procurement Law

Outstanding procurement law know-how is a further essential element of our expertise in the regulated markets and is availed of by clients in the transport, energy and telecommunication sectors. In addition, the health industry is confronted with many procurement law questions for which we have deliberately combined know-how. For contracting authorities many of which we also advise on procurement law, our cartel law specialisation is also of particular relevance.

Antitrust Procurement Law

The proceedings to review the awarding of contracts above the European thresholds is an extremely effective legal protection, the strengths and risks of which we know precisely.

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Contracting Authorities

We advise public principals on the obligation to invite tenders and legally secure structuring of tender documents.

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We support bidders in the course of preparing tender documents, assessing the chances of success in review proceedings and in the actual review proceedings as the case may be.

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Health Procurement Law

We advise prominent national and foreign pharmaceutical groups, major pharmacies and hospital operators on all health procurement questions, disputes and proceedings before courts and procurement chambers.

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Procurement in the Defence and Security Industries

We support our clients in the defence and security industries in complying with the requirements for release from the obligation to invite tenders which were intensified in 2012.

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Procurement Law and Cartel Law