However varied the scenarios for the future of mobility may appear to be, they all have one thing in common namely, that technological advances alone will not solve the current problems. Only the intelligent networking of various means of transport can bring about the reduction in the consumption of resources and thereby achieve the clean progress which the developed industrial nations need. That is a major challenge for businesses in the mobility industries as well as for the state and local government as providers of the infrastructure.

OPPENLÄNDER Rechtsanwälte can offer all players in the area of mobility excellent interface know-how not only for current legal issues but also in the development of long-term innovative strategies. With our traditional strength in public law, our specialisation in the regulated industries and infrastructure and our acknowledged profile in corporate and antitrust law, we cover all mobility-relevant legal areas from our own resources. We also have extensive experience in the automotive sector, local public passenger transport, rail and air transport. By pooling this expertise under the banner of mobility, we provide advice at the most profound level.


An industry in transition: new propulsion sources, new forms of use, new competitors and changed attitudes of the younger population to mobility demand major transformations and far-seeing strategies in the automotive industry.

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Alternative Forms of Service and Transport

“On demand” is evidently the future both in individual and public mobility.

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Public passenger transport (ÖPNV)

Our public passenger transport (ÖPNV) legal practice enjoys an excellent reputation on the market.

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Rail passenger transport (SPNV)

Rail passenger transport (SPNV) operates in a particularly competitive environment.

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Railways are a regulated industry in the infrastructural area in which we specialise.

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Transport networks and networked forms of transport

The future of mobility lies in the intelligent networking of forms of transport.

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Air Transport

Our clients benefit in the area of air transport from our planning and environmental law expertise.

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