Constitution Law

We are particularly well known for our constitutional law work for companies, associations, political bodies and the public sector.

Commercial concepts and political aims may be achieved or defended frequently only when the constitutional limits and possibilities are revealed. This requires constitutional law and procedural capacity presupposing a high degree of specialisation within public law and is available only in very few law firms.

We have represented our clients for many years in constitutional cases and jurisdictional disputes between institutions of state before the Federal Constitutional Court and the State Constitutional Courts. For German and international companies as well as for associations, we challenge new statutory provisions or unfavourable judgments in Karlsruhe and also defend parties in such cases against constitutional claims. We represent governments, parliamentary parties and political parties in constitutional cases before the Federal Constitutional and the State Constitutional Court, whether as Plaintiff or Defendant. We prepare reports for our clients on controversial constitutional law and constitutional procedural questions in advance of proposed legislation for example on the bank tax, Hartz IV reform, the health reform or state regulation.