14. June 2024

OPPENLÄNDER honoured by Best Lawyers

Handelsblatt has published the latest ranking of Best Lawyers and OPPENLÄNDER has been honoured several times! Prof. Dr Christofer Lenz is honoured as Lawyer of the Year in the field of European Law, Dr Clemens Birkert and Simon Gollasch are honoured as “Ones to watch”. Listed as “Best Lawyers” in the ranking:

Antitrust and competition law: Prof. Dr Albrecht Bach, Dr Matthias Ulshöfer, Dr Andreas Hahn, Dr Donata Beck, Dr Ulrich Klumpp, Dr Christoph Wolf, Dr Florian Schmidt-Volkmar, Dr Martin Fink, Dr Simon Schmauder, LL.M. (University of San Diego)

Corporate law: Dr Thomas Trölitzsch, Dr Felix Born

Mergers and acquisitions: Dr Thomas Trölitzsch, Dr Rolf Leinekugel, Dr Christian Gunßer, Dr Felix Born

Disput resolution: Prof. Dr Markus Köhler

Intellectual property law: Dr Christina Koppe-Zagouras

Environmental law: Prof. Dr Christofer Lenz

European law: Prof. Dr Christofer Lenz

Public Commercial Law: Prof. Dr Christofer Lenz, Dr Matthias Ulshöfer

Public Private Partnership: Dr Matthias Ulshöfer

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11. July 2024

Sven Luckert is a new associated partner at OPPENLÄNDER

Sven Luckert was appointed associate partner of OPPENLÄNDER as of 01.07.2024. Sven Luckert has been working in employment law, corporate law and M&A at OPPENLÄNDER since the beginning of 2021.

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28. June 2024

OPPENLÄNDER strengthens the fields of corporate law and litigation

At the beginning of the month, we welcomed Jaika Hoch to OPPENLÄNDER. She will support the teams of Dr. Carl Höfer in corporate law and Dr. Matthias Lorenz in litigation.

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14. June 2024

OPPENLÄNDER successfully defends sausage manufacturer in fundamental dispute against the “Schutzverband Nürnberger Bratwürste”

The Schutzverband Nürnberger Bratwürste e.V. has taken legal action against the sausage manufacturer Franz Ostermeier GmbH before the Munich I Regional Court. In particular, it objected to the shape and size of the sausages produced in Lower Bavaria and the design of the packaging.

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02. May 2024

JUVE-Rechtsmarkt lists Dr Corina Jürschik-Grau among the top 50 in state aid law

JUVE emphasises her expertise in the transport sector, her experience in recovery cases and her close ties to public procurement and regulatory practice.

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