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OPPENLÄNDER partner Dr. Thomas Trölitzsch successfully represented two former board members of Gelita AG before the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court and obtained the dismissal of a multi-million damages claim. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER was again awarded as top employer by azur this year! We are proud of this. We are especially pleased about the good rating by our associates. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER defends claims for directors' and officers' liability of more than €70 million against former CEO of Villeroy & Boch AG. The company had demanded compensation for a cartel fine imposed on Villeroy & Boch by the European Commission. The Saarbrücken Higher Regional Court confirmed the dismissal of the Saarbrücken Regional Court and did not allow an appeal. Read More

The Stuttgart Higher Regional Court has ruled: There are no claims for compensation under state liability law or infection control law with regard to the plant closures in the first lockdown in 2020. Dr. Malte Weitner represented the state of Baden-Württemberg. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER Rechtsanwälte advised Rieker Investment GmbH on the acquisition of a majority stake in Radeberger Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Korch GmbH. Read More

On 16.02.2022 our next online seminar will take place. Dr. Timo Kieser and Dr. Svenja Buckstegge will give an advertising update for pharmacies, taking into account the new Price Indication Ordinance. Read More

The GeschGehG has fundamentally reformed the protection of business know-how and, in particular, considerably strengthened the practice-relevant protection of trade secrets in civil proceedings. With his comprehensive commentary, our litigator Dr. Raphael Höll provides affected companies with a practical guide for dealing with sensitive trade secrets in the context of contentious proceedings. Read More

The dispute of an opposition faction against borrowing to finance the consequences of the Corona pandemic has remained unsuccessful. Prof. Dr. Christofer Lenz and Dr. Henrike Schulte represented the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg before the Constitutional Court. Read More

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG acquires 25.1 % of the shares in SMATRICS through its subsidiary EnBW mobility+ AG & Co. KG. A joint venture has already existed between the two since 2020, into which SMATRICS incorporated its charging station network at that time. Dr. Felix Born and other OPPENLÄNDER partners advised EnBW mobility+ on the acquisition of the stake. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER attorney Maximilian Stützel wins for the state. The Administrative Court rejects the urgent appeal of a shoe store in Mannheim against the 2G regulation for retailers. Since shoes are not part of the basic supply, only vaccinated and recovered people should continue to have access. Read More

Our attorneys pass on their practical knowledge to students as lecturers at numerous universities. In the winter semester 2021/22, Dr. Carl, Höfer, Simon Schmauder and Dr. Raphael Höll will give a lecture on "Civil Procedure and Litigation Tactics in Commercial Law Firms" at the University of Heidelberg. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER continues to grow and has strengthened its team in the areas of public law and corporate law with attorneys Julia Felger and Julia Sauter and attorney Maximilian Stützel. Read More

The Constitutional Court has rejected the urgent application of a parliamentary group concerning the State Agency for Civic Education. Our partner Prof. Dr. Christofer Lenz represented the state parliament and its president. Read More

Dr. Torsten Gerhard (Administrative Law) and Prof. Dr. Markus Köhler (Energy Law) successfully represented the Ministry of the Environment of Baden-Württemberg in a jump appeal procedure before the Federal Administrative Court regarding the determination of the basic supplier pursuant to Section 36 (2) EnWG. Read More

Prof. Dr. Christofer Lenz and Dr. Corina Jürschik have achieved the conclusion of a complex financing agreement on behalf of the city of Garching near Munich, which ensures the continuation of the subway service from Munich to Garching by MVG for the time being. Read More

The advance of digitalization is changing our society and the economy. The legal industry is no exception to the digital transformation. For this reason, our experts are once again part of the "Legal Automation & Innovation Challenge" this year. Read More

On October 28, 2021, our partner Dr. Thomas Trölitzsch, together with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Tödtmann, will hold an online seminar on the topic of "GmbH im Mittelstand" (limited liability companies in small and medium-sized businesses), in which numerous practical examples will be used to address, among other things, contract design and directors' and officers' liability. Read More

Handelsblatt has published the Best Lawyers Ranking 2021. Also this year, many of our partners were recognized as "best lawyers". Read More

Six of our attorneys will be speaking alongside other experts at the 5th Compliance Conference, which will take place on September 30, 2021 at Look 21 in Stuttgart. Read More

Online seminar on September 14, 2021 with Dr. Ulrich Klumpp and Dr. Florian Schmidt-Volkmar on the new investigative powers of the German Federal Cartel Office. Read More

The Federal Constitutional Court has ruled: The state is obligated to protect the climate and achieve climate neutrality. Environmental associations have announced that they will file lawsuits against energy producers and car manufacturers in Germany. We would like to prepare you for the worst case scenario. Read More

We fought off another attack by the AfD parliamentary group on police background checks for members of parliament on behalf of the state parliament president. Read More

State parliament president wins dispute with OPPENLÄNDER over anti-Semitism accusation. Read More

With "Rail Cartel VI" there is another landmark decision of the BGH on cartel damages. Once again, the case involves the action of an OPPENLÄNDER client. Read More

With the judgment of 14.04.2021 (T-69/18), the ECJ ruled in favor of our client in a long-running legal dispute. Read More

The Constitutional Court of the Free State of Saxony has dismissed two abstract norm control proceedings brought by members of the Saxon State Parliament against the 2019/2020 Budget Act. Prof. Dr. Christofer Lenz represented the Saxon state government. Read More

This year, our firm again achieved a ranking among the top 50 employers in Germany. Read More

We are proud of our four female partners who have made OPPENLÄNDER their firm. Read More

Dr. Donata Beck and Dr. Ulrich Klumpp obtain the go-ahead from the Federal Cartel Office for an advertising cooperation between Süddeutsche Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER defended the intended award for Learning Factories 4.0 before the OLG Karlsruhe for its client ETS. Read More

Why it is worthwhile to start at OPPENLÄNDER is revealed by our colleagues in the employee talk. Read More

On 25.02.2021 our online seminar on "Options and pitfalls of the new reorganization and restructuring law" will take place. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER successfully represents the State of Baden-Württemberg before the European Court of Justice. Read More

We are happy for Dr. Martin Fink, Dr. Svenja Buckstegge and Dr. Clemens Birkert. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER advises Rieker Finanz-Gruppe on its acquisition of a majority holding in WM Beautysystems/Sunpoint Gruppe. Read More

Administrative Court rejects petitions against (nighttime) curfew restrictions, pyrotechnics ban and prohibition of pick-up service in closed retail. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER fends off 70 million lawsuit. Dr. Thomas Trölitzsch and Dr. Donata Beck successful for Mr. Wendelin von Boch. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER successfully represents Breuninger. The VG Stuttgart decides that an extension of the shopping center is permited. Read More

VGH rejects 20 emergency motions against company closures. Read More

JUVE has announced this years nominations for the JUVE Award 2020. Read more

MP Fiechtner is excluded for a total of five days. Read More

KfW financing operations and adjustments of linked loan agreements were successfully and quickly implemented by us. Read More

KfW financing operations and adjustments of linked loan agreements were successfully and quickly implemented by us. Read More

Azur has awarded OPPENLÄNDER as a top 50 employer. Read More

JUVE has awarded OPPENLÄNDER once again as a TOP 50 law firm in Germany and gives four stars for the law market in Stuttgart. Read More

New authorities of the Federal Cartel Office. Read More

Marketing rules for the European Championship and the Olympic Games. Read More

LAWYERS MONTHLY has awarded OPPENLÄNDER Partner Prof. Dr. Markus Köhler. Read More

In this year’s health law seminar, we will focus on these current issues and their practical consequences. Read More

OPPENLÄNDER has won a landmark decision for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia on 10.10.2019 before the Federal Administrative Court. Read more

iurratio has again awarded OPPENLÄNDER as best employer for trainee lawyers (Referendare) in the category “Boutique Law Firm”. Read more

Experiences of 500 days GDPR: A report on the OPPENLÄNDER client seminar on 22 October 2019. Read more

OPPENLÄNDER partner Prof. Dr. Markus Köhler has been honored for his work as an arbitrator and also in arbitration proceedings as one of Germany's best lawyers 2019 in the field of "conflict resolution" by the Handelsblatt. Read more

Our first breakfast seminar brought together some 60 guests in the new conference rooms of OPPENLÄNDER on 19 September 2019. The topic was the newly implemented law “Gesetz zum Schutz von Geschäftsgeheimnissen (GeschGehG)”. Read more

OPPENLÄNDER advised the city of Karlsruhe on the formation of a "Karlsruher Group of Authorities", which will ensure the continued existence of the nationwide accepted "Karlsruhe Model" in local traffic. Read more

In the current WirtschaftsWoche rating, OPPENLÄNDER Rechtsanwälte was named as „TOP LAW FIRM 2019“ in corporate law. Dr. Thomas Trölitzsch was awarded as “TOP LAWYER 2019”, one of the most renowned lawyers for corporate law. Read more

With a great party and our guest speaker, the apnea diver Anna von Boetticher, we celebrated our new rooms on 06.06.2019. Read more

OPPENLÄNDER obtains the referral to the European Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling of fundamental questions on the scope of the right of access to environmental information. Read more

OPPENLÄNDER partner Prof. Dr. Christofer Lenz has won a case for the German Bundestag at the Federal Constitutional Court against the AfD parliamentary group. Read more

Litigation Specialist Prof. Dr. Markus Köhler and our press lawyer Ingwert Müller-Boysen achieved an important victory for the freedom of press in the name of Kontext: in front of the higher regional court in Karlsruhe. Read more

OPPENLÄNDER Rechtsanwälte achieves success in proceedings before Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf against members of German rail cartel. Read more

Around 130 interested participants and a lot of questions concerning the implementation of the GDPR: A report on the OPPENLÄNDER practical seminar "250 days GDPR" on 5 February 2019. Read more

The Federal Administrative Court has given the go-ahead for the extension of the shopping center Breuningerland Sindelfingen with its decision of 24.10.2018.
Read more

OPPENLÄNDER Rechtsanwälte was awarded as the top law firm in the southwest of Germany at the annual JUVE awards. We are pleased about this strong recognition for the work of all lawyers at OPPENLÄNDER. Read more

The Federal Government's plans to monitor diesel driving bans by automatically registering license plates are facing high legal barriers due to data protection. Read more

Iurratio has awarded OPPENLÄNDER the title of best employer for trainee lawyers (Referendare) in the category “Boutique Law Firm”. Read more

OPPENLÄNDER Rechtsanwälte have been again awarded by the German magazine Focus as one of 50 top commercial law firms in Germany. 
Read more

With the support of Prof. Dr. Christofer Lenz and Dr. Corina Jürschik, BSAG has secured the provision of all tram and bus services in the federal state of Bremen and adjacent parts of Lower Saxony for 22. 5 years. Read more

OPPENLÄNDER partner Prof. Markus Köhler has been honored for his work as an arbitrator and also in arbitration proceedings as one of Germany's best lawyers 2018 in the field of "conflict resolution". Read more

OPPENLÄNDER Rechtsanwälte advises itelligence AG on the Acquisition of a 60-percent stake in SyBIT GmbH.
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OPPENLÄNDER Rechtsanwälte achieves success for Beton Kemmler GmbH in proceedings before the German Federal Court of Justice against member of the Cement Cartel.
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Dr. Christian Gunßer and Dr. Teresa Bopp advised Format Werk GmbH on the acquisition of all assets of the insolvent Staufen GmbH. Read more

Aid dispute on gambling aids moves to the next round. AWO Niedersachen was represented by Dr. Corina Jürschik. Read more

For their expertise in antitrust law, the German newspaper Wirtschaftswoche ranks Dr. Andreas Hahn, Prof. Dr. Albrecht Bach, Dr. Ulrich Klumpp and Dr. Matthias Ulshöfer as top lawyers in 2018. Read more

OPPENLÄNDER Rechtsanwälte advised EnBW on its acquisition of Deutsche Energieversorgung GmbH. Read more

Dr. Felix Born and Dr. Carl Höfer achieved an important success for TAKKT AG in the right of codetermination („Erzberger-status proceedings“). Read more

The Federal Constitutional Court sustained a constitutional complaint by RTL 2 against the refusal to access records of an investigation against a competitor. Read more

We are pleased to welcome two new female partners at OPPENLÄNDER. Read more

OPPENLÄNDER-partner Prof. Dr. Christofer Lenz has defended the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg at the Constitutional Tribunal Baden-Württemberg against the application of the AfD-fraction in the so-called Organstreit. Read more

Breakfast seminar on Thursday, 16 January 2018, at 8:00 a.m. in Stuttgart. Playing by the rules in 2018: Marketing during the World Football Championship and the Olympic Winter Games. Read more

Dr. Matthias Ulshöfer speaks of antitrust violations caused by the creation of joint ventures at the annual meeting of the German Antitrust Law Association (Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht) 2017 in Bonn. Read more

The Federal Administrative Court has given the go-ahead for the extension of the shopping center Breuningerland Sindelfingen with its decision of 24.10.2018.
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OPPENLÄNDER and Walder Wyss advise Rieker Finanz-Gruppe on its acquisition of a ma-jority interest in the Meister-Abrasives-Group.
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Prof. Dr. Christofer Lenz successfully defended the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg against two suits of Baden-Württemberg’s former prime minister Stefan Mappus in connection with the examination of the EnBW deal.
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OPPENLÄNDER advises SHW Automative GmbH on its acquisition of Lust Hybrid-Technik GmbH. Read more

The Lower Saxony transport company is allowed to store videos recorded in busses and trams. Read more

Dr. Felix Born advises Rieker in connection with the acquisition of a majority stake in Krüger Dirndl GmbH. Read more

JUVE nominated us as the best law firm for antitrust law in Germany in 2017. Read more

Dr. Felix Born advises itelligence AG in the acquisition of Goldfish ICT. Read more

Dr. Matthias Ulshöfer speaks about bid rigging and cartell agreements at the German PUBLIC PROCUREMENT CONFERENCE 2017 in Berlin. Read more