This is how we create success

Specialised and personal

Welcome to OPPENLÄNDER. The person has pride of place in our law partnership. That begins within our own team and applies even more so to our clients. Our strength is our range of capacities accompanied by strict professional specialisation facilitating individual, personal and efficient advice. In all that we do, our clients’ success is our main priority. After all, their success is ours too.

The confidence entrusted in us by our clients has placed us in the TOP 50 law firms in Germany. That assessment is shared by the market and our competitors which recognises our wide spectrum of specialisations in important key areas including anti-trust law, corporate law and M&A, public law, intellectual property law and advice on regulated industries such as health, energy, transport and media.

We are not only good at our job, we actually enjoy it. Ultimately, only genuine passion and pleasure in what we do as lawyers  produce our best performance which is what we wish to offer our clients without exception.


We are an active law firm. Our lawyers work on cases which arouse public interest, they lecture and contribute to the development of the law by engaging in academic discourse.

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