Full-service health platforms with video sessions, the supply of drugs, blistering, all-round checks, health files and networking of all service providers does not yet exist, but ever more service providers are coming to the correct conclusion that joint provision is appropriate and important.  The regulatory challenges are many and extend from data protection law and social law provisions, special eCommerce, platform and remote sales issues to special statutory regulations e.g., in the drugs/drugs trading or drugs supply area. In addition, advertising law and professional law requirements which dominate telemedicine are further factors. We are aware of all the reefs and guide you safely to port.

We advise comprehensively on platform concepts of the most varied kind with or without the inclusion of ePrescriptions. You benefit from our industry know-how, our detailed knowledge of the special legislation and the relevant context as for example data protection law.  We have extensive experience in innovative distribution concepts, pharmacies, drugs distribution and sales platforms including pharmacy express delivery services, video consultations, remote treatment issues, and, of course, all facets of ePrescriptions including telematic connections.


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