Procurement in the Transport Sector

We advise transport companies and sector contracting authorities (Sektorenauftraggeber) comprehensively on public passenger transport (ÖPNV). We have a long-standing practice especially in financing of public transport ÖPNV by public service contracts under Reg. (EC) No. 1370/2007 which provides the conditions under which the principal pays transport companies to satisfy communal obligations and how the principal can award transport contracts in its area of responsibility to the service provider. We have acted for many local authority transport companies in direct procurement of transport services by major cities and in tender competitions.  In direct provision, we provide support both in the advance compliance with the conditions and in the conduct of the actual tendering process which begins with the publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. The priority for us is the legally secure and practice-oriented design of the direct award. By intense preparation, the risk of objections by competitors or by the European Commission can be reduced. Our procurement practice is by no means limited to public passenger transport but also extends to rail passenger transport (SPNV). We support rail companies, for example in competition for networks or complex direct procurement which e.g., require the formation of a group of “competent authorities“.


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