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Dr. Henrike Schulte

+49 (711) 60187-242

Dr. Henrike Schulte is part of the JUVE-awarded OPPENLÄNDER team with broad expertise in public law.

Henrike Schulte was born and grew up in the Ruhr area, moved to Mexico for a time and returned to study in South Germany. She studied law in Konstanz with periods abroad in Bogotá and Stockholm. After her studies she worked as an academic assistant at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Marten Breuer, where she also received her doctorate with a thesis on the transferability of the margin of appreciation doctrine of the European Court of Human Rights to the jurisprudence of the ECJ. At that time she was a member of the board of the Doktorandenkonvent (Doctoral Students’ Convention) and participated, in addition to lecturing, at international formats for academic discourse. Since 2019 she works as a lawyer at OPPENLÄNDER.

Languages: English, Spanish


As a lawyer she advises in particular ministries, parliaments and paliamentary parties (Fraktionen) as well as companies and associations on public law. Apart from subvention and transport law, her emphasis above all is on complex administrative and constitutional law issues. Henrike Schulte publishes regularly on public law issues, in particular of constitutional law. She lectures in state law and is active as a speaker, moderator or panel member at various academic events.


  • Admitted as lawyer since

  • Doctorate

  • Academic assistant at the Chair for Public Law with International Focus, University of Konstanz (Prof. Dr. Marten Breuer )

    2015 - 2017
  • Studies in Konstanz, Bogotá and Stockholm

    2008 - 2014