European Law

EU Treaties confer entrepreneurial freedoms which often have to be protected by courts. In such cases, excellent procedural knowledge in addition to European law expertise must be employed. We represent our clients both before national courts as well as in preliminary ruling proceedings before the European Court of Justice.  We also resort to Luxembourg against legal acts which can be challenged directly or defend such claims on behalf of our clients. A recent development is that fundamental rights under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in constellations characterised by European law can also be claimed before the Federal Constitutional Court.

Apart from litigation, we of course represent companies and public bodies before the European Commission for example on subvention regulatory proceedings in the area of public services (e.g., transport and nursing care) and banks but also in the initiation and structuring process of secondary European law. We advise companies and public sector institutions on obtaining and defending European development funds. Procurement law cases must also frequently be resolved at European level.


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