Construction & Planning Law

In construction and planning law, we concentrate on representing developers and public bodies in major location and expansion projects. Shopping centres and extensive retail stores play a major part therein (department stores, specialist stores, supermarkets etc.) including FOCs. Area development planning and regional planning provisions must so be applied that the project can be implemented by agreement, but, if necessary, against the objections of the local community or regional planning authority. We therefore work in many cases with the instrument of urban planning agreements between the investor and the local authorities, for example in changing the use of former industrial land to residential building land, by redesign extensive inner-city sites or servicing the land. We advise local authorities on setting land-use plans and the participants on questions of property reorganisation whether by redistribution or compulsory acquisition. In construction permit proceedings, we assist in realising projects opposed by local political interests.

We are experienced in planning approval proceedings under the Energy Industry Act (high voltage connection, gas supply piping), water law and railway law as well as planning approval proceedings under the Air Transport Act (airports).  In such complex proceedings, it is usual that many controversial public and private interests must be harmonised. We offer our clients the long experience and special know-how required for feasible solutions not only in the official planning approval proceedings but also in later court proceedings.


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