The Public Sector and its Companies

Advising the public sector, in particular public sector companies, is an important field for OPPENLÄNDER. We have outstanding practical experience in almost all relevant areas. That extends from advising on the conclusion of state treaties to public law contracts and special agreements between corporate bodies, to the formation of groups of authorities, for example in local public passenger transport. We are also experienced in merging partially civil law, partially public law organised public sector companies, the reorganisation of special purpose associations or transport cooperations and mergers of federal and Länder institutions.

We are experienced in combining the entrepreneurial freedoms necessary for commercial success with the legally imposed influence of public bodies. In municipal investment management and for public utility companies, we creatively resolve the complicated organisational, local authority law, subvention and procurement law problems, combining for this purpose our public law and corporate law know-how. That also includes privatisation, cooperation with private partners (PPP) and the return to local or state responsibility.

In all of those areas, we naturally keep the provisions of regulatory law and European subvention and procurement law in view.


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