Regulated Industries

For supporting the regulated industries, we have systematically built-up public law know-how to an extent which can be provided in that concentration and specialisation by few law firms in Germany. Involved are the traditional OPPENLÄNDER industries of health, energy, transport and media but also banking and the gambling market.

We enjoy a nationwide reputation for our advice to the transport sector. We have for many years advised transport companies, associations and transport providers, for example on financing and subvention issues, the granting of public service contracts and commissions, obtaining, defending and combination of licenses and on questions of admissible user fees. Climate protection regulations, such as the Clean Vehicles Directive and digitalisation possibilities, are increasing in importance in that area.

In banking, we advise individual institutions but also various banking associations on the Financial Services Regulatory Act (FinDAG), the Banking Act (KWG), saving banks legal questions and the resistance to official decisions, for example of the BaFin and on newly planned statutory burdens.

In the field of energy, we advise participants inter alia on licensing proceedings for energy plants, the expansion and operation of networks, questions of renewable energies, local solutions, rights of way and concession charges.

In the gambling sector, we are regularly active on the side of state providers and assist in forming the appropriate state treaty environment.

In the health industry, we advise on the constitutionality and European law conformity of new statutes, for example in drugs law, and represent service providers in disputes with the responsible authorities and social insurers before the administrative and social courts.

We advise media companies on state treaties’ and European regulatory law and represent them vis-à-vis Länder media institutions and in court proceedings.


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