Advisory Situation

You have received a warning? You are in litigation with a competitor or need strategic advice e.g. on the introduction of a product or drafting of a license agreement? We support you in all important situations requiring advice on industrial property rights.

Warnings in competition law, trademark and design law or technical protection rights are everyday occurrences in business. In competition law and drug advertising law not only competitors but also associations are active.

Warnings, however, are often unjustified. We check the claims made, inform you of possible scenarios and alternatives including their financial effects and agree the further factual and procedural steps. We also clarify with you how expensive disruptions can be avoided in the future.

If you wish to proceed against legal infringements, a warning is usually the first step. We review the claims options and enforce them to the best possible effect.

Rapid action is crucial and for us a matter of course both in attack and defence situations.

Court proceedings cannot always be avoided whether in competition law or trademark law, design law or technical protection law. We have comprehensive litigation know-how and regularly appear before competition courts which are especially relevant for the areas of health care, energy, media and food.

Strategic Advice: We support the development of trademarks, products and advertising concepts not only legally but also with strategic considerations for the long-term. We benefit from long experience especially in intensively coveted markets and strongly regulated industries such as health care, energy, media and food.

Apart from offensive, but legally compliant, positioning of your trademark or your product, we also offer, in case of risky designs, preventative measures such as fall-back options or the filing of protective pleadings. And, of course, we then support you with various strategic options if your trademarks or product get-up must in fact be defended against competitors.

Licences: Intellectual property is a valuable asset. Your copyright law, patents, trademarks, designs or secret know-how must be marketed in the best possible manner or the protected rights of third parties profitably availed of. We advise comprehensively on the drafting of balanced research and development agreements, licence agreements and know-how agreements.

When granting rights, drafting R&D agreements and licensing technological innovations, we help you to protect your rights, reveal hidden costs and to participate in the financial success of your rights. We also ensure that the agreements comply with cartel law requirements, in particular TT-GVO and the Vertical Group Exemption Regulation.


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