Competition Law

The Act on Unfair Competition affects companies and traders in many situations. Every advertisement, every product design, every Internet presence or web shop has the potential for conflict. Objections and court proceedings in this area are all too frequent.

The issues range from classical misleading, breaches of market conduct rules such as the provisions of the Drugs Act, the EU Cosmetics Regulation, the Medical Products Act, revocation rights or imprint design to the special requirements on comparative advertising or transparency in games of chance and discount campaigns.

We advise you on the planning of advertising campaigns or product design in order to prevent complaints from associations or competitors. On request, we subject products of competitors to a critical competition law review.

Competition law is frequently used to gain extra market share. Your business success can benefit from our major competition law know-how and our intensive work before the relevant courts. We are glad to support you in the preparation of the suitable competition law attack and defence strategy.

If you are the victim of a breach of secrecy, we help you by competition law and criminal law measures to minimise the damage as far as possible.


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