Business Succession

Because a successful business always looks beyond its own horizons, the subject of succession is ever present, especially for medium-sized companies. Far-seeing corporate and inheritance contract drafting inter vivos relieves the management of great responsibility and provides the coming generation with a clear perspective. Advance inheritance, company will, a management buy-out or another form of late handover to family members or outsiders are among the possible measures which we implement for our clients. From acting in many corporate successions and continuously advising thereon, we also have special expertise in the establishment and structuring of foundations.

In the planning, we look at all aspects of the subject – not only with the necessary legal expertise but also with a feel for the requirements of the individual constellation. As experienced testamentary executors, we implement the dispositions with the greatest care.

The lack of clear succession provisions often leads to prolonged conflicts. We represent heirs, communities of heirs and shareholders in negotiations and disputes always with a practical resolution in view which would ensure the long-term survival of the business.


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